Harrisburg Water Damage Restoration FAQ For 2021

In Harrisburg households and businesses, water damage restoration can have huge returns. Unrestored water damage can leave your health compromised and your losses mounting, and a moist environment is a perfect breeding ground for dangerous bacteria and mold. 

You can resolve all these water damage dangers by contacting Harrisburg water damage restoration company Service Master by Holobinko. Water damage experts can quickly repair and restore your home. We sat down with Harrisburg water damage restoration expert Laura Hildebrand from Service Master by Holobinko to get answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about water damage and water damage restoration.  

What is the Water Damage Remediation Process?
According to Laura, while every water damage situation is different, the steps taken by Harrisburg water damage clean up experts Service Master by Holobinko remain consistent.  

“Although each water loss is unique, a similar approach is taken to ensure proper mitigation standards,” Laura says. “Upon arrival, the crew will perform a thorough site inspection with a moisture meter and take plenty of pictures for documentation purposes. Surveying the situation allows the technicians to form an effective plan for your loss.”  

Next comes the restoration period.  

“Our trained Harrisburg water damage restoration crew will take out only the damaged materials and place equipment to begin the drying process. Water restoration can vary in length,” Laura advises. “Demolition takes up the majority of the time. Some floods may need minimal demo while others may need several days to mitigate the damages.”

How Long Will This Water Restoration Take Place?
The period of water restoration depends on the damage extent. After a thorough inspection and assessment of the damage, your Harrisburg water damage restoration experts will determine the extent of the water damage in question. Laura notes most losses are able to be dried within three to five days. 

Will My Insurance Cover the Water Restoration Process?
Your standard homeowner insurance policy may cover the water restoration process, depending on the causes of the water damage. For instance, most insurance policies cover sudden interior water damage but may not compensate for water damage from carelessness or poor maintenance. The water damage must also result from one of the perils you insured against. That way, your insurance policy will cover the water restoration process. 

According to Laura, the team at Service Master by Holobinko will work closely with your insurance company every step of the way, although each situation can be different.  

“We work closely with insurance agencies, adjusters, and special insurance programs,” Laura says. “It is hard to say exactly what the insurance company will cover because each policy is unique. To report a claim, go to your insurance website or call your insurance agent. This will go through our system, so we are able to respond as quickly as possible.  

Laura notes that while many people pay for water damage restoration in Harrisburg with their insurance, some choose to go it alone.  

“In some cases, customers may choose to avoid insurance and ‘self-pay’ for the mitigation,” Laura says.

Harrisburg water damage restoration experts can work with insurance companies to restore your home and property. However, the water damage must emanate from the insurable perils for the experts to work together with your insurance company. Otherwise, you might have to brace the costs of water damage restoration single-handedly. Common claims included in a homeowners insurance policy include overflow, flood, accidental discharge, and storm-related damages.

What Are the Most Common Signs of Water Damage?
According to Harrisburg water damage restoration expert Laura Hildebrand, detecting water damage can involve paying close attention to multiple possible indicators. Laura says these vary, depending upon the age of the water damage.  

“Water damage can be seen, felt, or smelled. If water has been standing for an extended period of time, there is a thick scent of mildew or must. Older water damage will also show brown staining where the water travelled. It may be a darker brown depending on material and brittle to the touch,” Laura says. 

Newer water damage has other ways of making itself known.  

“On the  opposite end, if the water damage occurred recently, the material will look soggy and feel damp,” Laura says. “Water damage on walls, especially drywall with paint, will look like the paint has peeled off of the wall and may have discoloration.” 

  • Seams and screws of drywall sheets showing through
  • Ceiling may begin to droop to the lowest point and gather in a puddle. 
  • A steady stream of water pouring on the floor. 
  • Ceiling cracks that depict straight lines or spider web patterns.
  • Peeling paints on the wall with visible cracks or flakes.
  • Unsealed baseboards separating from the walls and ceiling
  • Yellowish or dark water stains on the walls and ceiling

“It is easy to spot an affected floor because the floor will begin to buckle at the seams. This is fairly common for all type of flooring. When pulled back to a subfloor, there will be noticeable discoloration,” Laura explains.  

What is Toxic Mold Damage?
Toxic mold damage includes black mold infestation that grows over time in a hidden place. Water damage – whether it’s in Harrisburg or anywhere else – can create a moist, damp environment where black mold can thrive. This type of mold is dangerous, and prolonged exposure can result in health conditions like asthma, allergies, or even depression. It is also important to note that allergic reactions from mold aren’t seasonal, and can last throughout the year.

How do you know that you’re experiencing toxic mold damage? Continuous exposure to black mold infestation can manifest in physical symptoms. The symptoms include allergy-related reactions like coughing, running nose, and irritating throat. If the infestation is severe, you can experience fatigue, nausea, or sinus infections. 

Laura warns that the dangers of mold are not to be taken lightly – and waiting to address it is a big mistake.  

“Mold grows in dark wet areas- exactly the kinds of areas where water damage has occurred,” Laura advises. “There are hundreds of different types of mold which can cause severe allergic reactions, illnesses, or even death. It is important to stop the mold growth at the source to ensure the health and safety of the homeowners.” 

If you think you may have water damage in your Harrisburg home or business, don’t wait – contact the Harrisburg water damage clean up experts today. 

“Whether it is a flood or a long-term water damage issue, it is important to contact a Harrisburg water mitigation company. If wet material is not removed, mold can begin growing within the first 72 hours. Water and mold go hand-in-hand in terms of possible long-term issues,” Laura says.

What Can I Do About Water Damage? 
Water damage is often unforeseen and may catch you off-guard. If you spot any water damage signs in your home or business, call the water damage and restoration experts in Harrisburg at Service Master by Holobinko to assess the situation. You can also collect the evidence and notify your insurance service provider to file a claim. 

What Are Experts Top Tips About Water Damage?
These water damage tips can help you mitigate the damages before the situation worsens. Here are some useful tips to help you in the event of water damage, provided by Harrisburg water damage restoration experts Service Master by Holobinko:

Top Tips About Water Damage 

  • Know where your water shut-off valve is- if you are traveling away from your home for a vacation or an extended period of time, consider shutting off the water until you return. 
  • Know your house-inside and out. Know when your home was built, renovated, the square footage, materials used, etc. 
  • Demo is necessary 99.9% of the time in order to perform proper mitigation practices 
  • The Water Mitigation Company is only one part of a very extensive puzzle. Insurance agents, adjusters, trades, contractors, etc. 
  • Know what your insurance covers and the details of your personal coverage. Understand how to put a claim in ASAP 
  • When we place equipment, keep it running as much as possible for the most effective drying. The longer you shut it off, the longer it has to be in your home. 
  • Check your appliances and pipes frequently and perform the necessary maintenance to decrease your chances of a water loss. 
  • The reconstruction of your home is covered by your insurance as well. This information will be communicated by the adjuster. 
  • While you wait for the mitigation company to arrive, take picture of the damage (even though we do as well) and inventory any damaged items 
  • Be prepared for a water loss by storing your items properly. Store items in plastic containers. If not available, store items about two feet above ground level. Cover your items in plastic for further protection. 

Hire a Harrisburg Professional for Water Damage Restoration
Inasmuch as some simple DIY processes can help deescalate water damage, hiring professionals is essential to saving you a lot of time, money and difficulties. Depending on the extent of water damage you’re dealing with, it can expose you to dangerous bacteria and serious losses. Experts know how to work efficiently in such environments while minimizing excess damage. Get in touch with the Harrisburg water damage company you can trust at Service Master by Holobinko to learn more about how to fix your water damaged home or business. Contact them in their Harrisburg offices at (888) 604-3064 today!