Harrisburg Fire Damage Restoration FAQ

Harrisburg Fire Damage Restoration FAQ

If you’ve recently had a Harrisburg home or business damaged by a fire, it’s likely you are looking for a fast solution. Fires and smoke can cause immense amounts of damage to a home or business, even if they’re contained in a small area. It may displace your family or employees until you are able to make repairs. When fire burns a home or business, many people think of fire damage restoration. However, there are many questions about what fire restoration is, how long it takes, and how much it costs. Here are some of the most popular questions to fire damage restoration in Harrisburg, along with their answers.

What is Fire Damage Restoration?

Fire damage restoration involves making repairs to a home after a fire has caused damage. This includes repairing and restoring damage from the fire, smoke and harmful products. During fire damage restoration in your home, you may find a team working to remove the corrosion on surfaces and other home appliances and furniture. They also remove smoke and other evidence of fire from all of the home’s surfaces.

What Does Fire Damage Restoration Include?

Fire damage restoration includes all types of repairs to the damaged areas, whether they are major repairs or minor repairs. This may involve cosmetic repairs such as adding a new coat of paint, replacing carpeting and flooring, or retouching trim. It may also involve redoing and restoring the structure of the house, such as replacing damaged drywall or replacing doors and windows. Depending on the severity of the damage, a fire restoration team can repair most damages caused by smoke or soot.

How do You Restore Fire Damage?

After the fire has been put out and there is no more cause for concern of additional fires, you can begin to restore your home from fire damage. It’s important to consider safety during the process just as much as the home restoration. Since even small fires may cause concern for the structural integrity of the home, it’s important to confirm that the home is stable and safe to enter.

Once you have been cleared to enter the home, you or a fire restoration team may begin the restoration process. Before beginning on actual repairs to the home, it’s important to remove and take note of items that have been too damaged to restore. Many of these things can be replaced later on in the process. After removing these items, removing the other soot and debris is often the next step. As you continue to clean up, make sure to keep your eye out for water and wet surfaces that may have materialized when the fire was put out. Dry these areas and consider replacing items that have significant water damage.

After the damaged items have been removed and cleaned, the next step of the process is to begin a deep clean to remove the scents of smoke from the fire and eliminate stains. During this process, it’s important to complete a thorough cleaning. If you do not, then there may still be lingering smoke scents even after the repairs have been completed. Finally, you can begin repairs, such as replacing flooring, drywall, trim or other important structures. New paint and cosmetics will help to finish the process.

How Much Does Fire Damage Restoration Cost?

The cost for fire damage restoration can vary greatly depending on the extent of the fire damage and size of the home. If the entire home has been damaged, costs may exceed $100,000. However, if the home is small and the damage is minimal, then costs may be as low as $1000. On average, homes may cost between $10,000 and $20,000 to repair.

How Long Does Fire Damage Restoration Take?

Just like the cost of the restoration process, the time it takes for the fire damage restoration process to be completed can also vary greatly. Minimal damage to a small home will result in a short amount of time, as little as a day or two. However, if the whole home has been affected by the fire, home owners can expect the repairs to take as long as a few months. As a general rule, the larger the home and the more extensive the damage, the longer the repairs will take.

Can Smoke Damage be Removed?

Smoke damage can be removed from your home. Whether you choose to hire a team of professionals or do it yourself, smoke damage can be removed from walls, furniture, floors and other surfaces.

There are home made solutions for removing smoke damage from your home. This includes mixing soaps or detergent with tai-sodium phosphate, household cleaner and water. If you decide to make your own home formula and complete this process yourself, be sure to use caution when mixing household chemicals and ingredients! Be sure to thoroughly read ingredients and warnings prior to mixing.

Is it Safe to Stay in a Home with Smoke Damage?

A home that has been damaged by smoke and fire is never safe to sleep in. Even if the fire was on one side of the home, particles can easily spread to other parts of the house. This not only puts a home at risk for further fires, but it also causes concerns for air quality and breathing. Not only this, but larger fires can cause concern for the structural integrity of the building. If your home has been damaged by a fire that affected the structure, then there may be concern for the roof or walls collapsing. Especially if your home has been severely damaged by smoke and fire, it’s important to find another place to stay.

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