Harrisburg Smoke Damage Restoration Services

Smoke Damage Restoration Services in Harrisburg, PA
Fire is a devastating force, but you may not realize how much damage can also be done by smoke. In fact, smoke can actually do more damage in a burning building because it spreads much further than the fire does. If you’ve experienced a fire, our smoke damage restoration services can get your home or business back to normal quickly and affordably.

Odor Removal

The most obvious sign of smoke damage is the odor. You probably don’t even have to enter the building to smell it. One of our first jobs is to immediately deal with smoke odors throughout the building. That means inside closets, throughout the attic, and in all the tiny spaces where smoke manages to go. The longer these odors go untreated, the more deeply they will penetrate into porous materials like drywall and carpet.

Stain Cleanup

Smoke leaves behind heavy, black stains that can quickly ruin many types of fabrics and construction materials. The longer they remain, the more difficult it is to remove them. Home remedies waste valuable time that we could use to properly remove stains. These improvised solutions may also cause even more damage. Our advanced techniques, materials, and equipment will make short work of even the most stubborn smoke stains so that your home or business is back to its original appearance as quickly as possible.

Paint Repair

Sometimes the damage goes beyond simple stains on your paint. Smoke can be just as hot as the fire, creating bubbling or melting of paint throughout the building, often very far from where the actual fire was located. We will provide careful and thorough repair of all painted surfaces when cleaning them just isn’t enough, leaving your home or business with smooth, clean surfaces on all walls and ceilings.

Eliminating Hazardous Residues

Smoke is full of toxic chemicals that can pose serious dangers to your health. Some of these are acute hazards that threaten your life immediately, while others are long-term dangers. Our smoke damage restoration services are designed to remove as many of these dangerous substances as possible so that your home or business will be safe for returning occupants.

Contents Management

Many of the items used or stored inside a building will have just as much smoke damage as the building itself. Furniture, clothing, curtains, and other items may need to be removed from the space for targeted cleaning as well as to work around them during the cleanup of the building. We provide organized, careful handling of building contents so that your belongings will be safe, secure, and clean when the restoration process is over.

Fire destroys property, but smoke can damage it just as badly without actually destroying it. When you’ve experienced a fire in your home, business, or other property, contact us right away for professional smoke damage restoration services. We’ll provide professional, thorough, effective cleaning to get your structure and contents back to normal as quickly as possible.